Boston Fuzzstival

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Dent /Gamma Pope US TOUR I 2015

Special Thanks: -Image illustrated by fb@questionmark @boeeuenchoo    -Photo Taken by Kit Castagne Tour Dates: 1/4: NY Syracuse @ Better Skate Shop 1/8: Detroit @ Hybrid Moments 1/9: Chicago @ Auxiliary Art Center 1/11: Pittsburg @ Rum Ham 1/13: Baltimore @ Windup Space 1/14: Philly @ All Nights Diner 1/16: Providence @ Aurora 1/18: Boston @ The Middle East Club

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Dent’s Eyeballs ” 100 Great Singles From New England”

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Dent [Eyeballs] Review By Boston Hassel

Click to read Dent[Eyeballs]’s Review by Boston Hassel

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Boston Globe: “Chaotic Boston quartet Dent enjoys freedom of expression”

Special Thanks to: Maura Johnson Dent in Boston Globe: Read the Full Interview

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China Tour

5/24 Guangzhou(Canton) 廣州 5/26 Nanning 南寧 5/28 Kunming 昆明 5/30 Chongqing 重慶 5/31 Chengdu 成都 6/03 Xi’an 西安 6/05 Taiyuan 太原 6/06 Shijiazhuang 石家莊 6/07 Beijing 北京 6/09 Nanjing 南京 6/10 Wuhan 武漢 6/11 Changsha 長沙 6/12 Nanchang 南昌 6/13 Xiamen 廈門

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Eyeballs 眼球分裂法

released 12 May 2015 Recorded at The Record Company from August 2014 – December 2014 Harley Cullen: guitar, vocals (background), dobro Lane Shi: Vocals Jack Whelan: Drums, Vocals (Background) Patric Docmanov: Bass JM Baez: engineer, mixer, producer Matthew Cohen: assistant engineer Angel A. Rodriguez: assistant engineer Colin Marston: mastering Zicheng Zheng: Illustration
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Dent/Dolts Split

Dent: Lane Shi: Lead Vox, Jack Whelan: Drums, Harley Cullen: Guitar, Will Lyle: Bass(no longer in the band). Dolts: Eric Teofilak: Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar, Ben Dunbar: Lead Guitar, Andrew Ciampa: Bass, Matt McMenamin: Drums, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered, by Lou Mongelluzzo at Grease Trap Records.
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